Who We Are

Chapter 158 was chartered on 11 September 1983 as the Springfield/Lincoln land Chapter. The original geographic area for the chapter consisted of Central and Southern Illinois, including Springfield, Jacksonville, Decatur, Champaign, and Carbondale.

In later years after both the Peoria Chapter and Bloomington Chapter became inactive, Chapter 158 expanded and was renamed the Central Illinois Chapter and encompassed all of the cities within central Illinois including Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, Champaign/Urbana, Springfield, Decatur, Lincoln and Jacksonville.

Most recently the chapter also began supporting the Student members at Western Illinois University in Macomb. These students were previously supported by the Quad Cities Chapter before that chapter became inactive.

Charter Members were:

Charles K. Boston, Illinois Department of Public Aid

Vernon Coffin, Springfield City Water, Light, & Power

Kenneth R. Cole, Jr., First National Bank of Springfield

Vern Copeland

Tammy Furkin, CMS Police

William T. Harper, Illinois Secretary of State

Shep Kelly

Larry Lefferts, St. John’s Hospital

Arthur Martineau, Illinois Department of Public Aid

Francis B. Nelson, Jr., Illinois Department of Corrections

Richard Richards, Office of the Illinois Attorney General

David Schachtsiek, St. John’s Hospital

Current Executive Officers


Jason Sowers
Allied Barton
Office Phone: (630)276-7140

Vice Chairman

Phil Evans
Pekin Insurance
Office Phone: (309)xxx-xxxx


Chelsea Kater
State Farm Insurance
Office Phone: (309)766-9484


Heidi Hutchison
Pekin Insurance
Office Phone: (309)478-2255

Senior Regional Vice President

Adolfo Benages CPP

Regional Vice President

Anthony Haney CPP
Office Phone: (309)644-2155

Assistant Regional Vice President

Tim Sutton CPP, CHPA
Guidepost Solutions, LLC
Phone: (312)937-0137